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J.A.DJ ( Just Another DJ):Vancouver
Electro House/ Techno/ Breaks/ D&B
Pumphouse, Connect Tribe,Truespin Records ,SomaSoundsystem

J.A.DJ. Aka, Garret Friesen is anything but ( Just Another DJ)! He was first introduced to electronic music by his brother when he was14. He instantly started looking for electronic music in his local music stores and found himself connecting with the infectious grooves by Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Scooter , Praga Khan and Tony De Vit .
After a few years of listening, he wanted to experience it for himself, so he got involved with the local party scene. By early 2000 he was addicted to collecting records & along with his friend Adam Bradly ( DJ Digaboo ) they started playing at house parties. As the year went on, top local DJ’s took notice and with their help he got his first show in September 2000 and had also expanded his record collection to include such styles as House, Electro, Techno, Trance, Breaks & pretty much everything in between. He quickly rose up in the ranks and had become a local favorite due to his skills and how he handled himself on stage. Not long after, he had become one of Canada’s premiere DJ’s. J.A.DJ is well known throughout Canada and has played some of the most well known and attended music festivals, parties, and clubs such as; Motion Notion , Serendipity , Connect & Free Flow. Needless to say he has played along side many of the worlds top producers. In the last ten years J.A.DJ has been a main staple in the Saskatchewan Electronic Music scene, involving himself in almost every aspect from DJing to promoting and every in between. Recently, he has made the move to Vancouver, BC to follow his passion of producing and sound engineering at Pacific Audio Visual Institute . His stage presence, pulsing beats combined with epic breakdowns, crazy build ups, wikid basslines and tight technical skills, always makes the crowd go nuts leaving them breathless & wanting more! J.A.DJ is a MUST SEE and he will have your event goers patting you on the back for booking him.

“The reason I DJ is because I love to entertain and play the best and newest electronic music for the people! When I’m on deck, I have the craziest time at the party! When people are bouncing off the walls and sweat is dripping from the roof, I’m happy and know I’ve done my job. I feed off the energy from the crowd! The harder they dance, the faster they pump their fists and the louder they shout just feeds me inside and in-turn I feed the crowd, together we keep the party PuMpIn!”

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