Here is your FFOC

Whose in charge here?!

Click a picture if you’d like to learn a little bit about us.

Shawn “Fozzy” Lafleur

Managing Director

Darryl Stanat

Managing Director

Ian Rice

Art Coordinator

Kazz Emi

Administration Team, Talent Logistics and Website Coordinator/Nerd Support

Bahar Stanat

Administration Team, Bear Necessities, Volunteer Coordinator and Hugger-extraordinaire

Liv & Raz

Liv – Administration Team, Bear Necessities & Raz – IT Wizard, Forest Stage Design

Deanna “Dee” Oliphant

Social Media Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Administration Team & general good vibinator

Steve “Captain Plan-It” Morrison

VIP Camp & Site Maintenance Coordinator, Volunteer Scheduler Extraordinaire

Adam “digaBoo” Bradley

Talent Director, Fundraiser Party Committee, DJ

Robbie Cranston

Talent Committee, Forest Stage Manager

Scott Mills

Crystal Cave Stage Manager

Alex Navickas

Visual Creator, Forest Stage Design

Charlie Godsoe

IT, Logistics, Promotions, Forest Stage Design

Chris Lillico “The Guru”

Parking Coordinator

Bryson “8bitninja” Montgomery

Talent Committee, Forest Stage Manager, Fundraiser Party committee

Trevor “Alan Flava” Hobbs

Talent Committee, Beach Stage Manager