Vendor Application & Info

Vendor Applications open: NOW CLOSED

Thank you for applying, we will be in contact with you soon!


We are excited that you’re interested in being part of our FozzyMarket! We are always welcoming more family into our collective.

Please read all of the details listed here, fill in your information below and we’ll get back to you soon.


We are looking for creative vendors that want to produce and sell things like:

  • Smoothies
  • Food vendors with variety (hot & cold meals)
  • Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free options
  • Jewelry/Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Face/Body Painting
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Anything else our festival family would love!


  • Review the terms of the agreement below.
  • Fill out all required vendor information below.
  • Wait for an email of acceptance/non-acceptance from the Vendor Manager.
  • Remit payment by July 30th, 2017.



  • Rent: $450 for non-food vendors or $800 for food vendors (must be received by the vendor manager by July 30th).
  • Rent cost described above allows each vendor to utilize a space of 10×10 ft. Any additional 10ft can be offered at $100 (i.e. a space of 20×20 ft will mean an extra $200)
  • If we have no record of your payment by July 30th, you will be required to pay $500 for non-food vendors and $900 for food vendors in cash at the event.
  • Power is provided at an additional charge of $100 for non-food or $250 for food vendors.
  • Potable water is included in your rent.
  • This fee covers the right to sell merchandise, artwork or food, plus admission for a total of two staff members (for non-food vendors) and three staff members (for food vendors).
  • One extra staff member may purchase a ticket at the “Early Bear” price of $220. Contact to get the reduced rate.
  • Additional staff tickets must be purchased at the current listed price ($250).
  • All vendors will be asked to pay a REFUNDABLE $250 deposit by July 30th, which will be sent back to them via Email Money Transfer two weeks after the festival, provided that ALL of the following criteria are met by the last day of the festival:
  • All vendors’ sites are cleared of all garbage, food waste, grey water and any other belongings.
  • You must be approved to leave your site on the last day. Contact the vendor manager or festival directors to do so.
  • Food vendors must remain open EVERY night of the festival, no exceptions.
  • Food vendors cannot run out of all food/supplies.
  • There will not be an administration fee for vendors.
  • All costs must be received at the same time.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Vendors may enter the site as early as 3pm on Wednesday, September 13 and may leave as late as 6pm on Sunday. Further time extensions must be approved by the vendor manager.
  • Vendors may not sell alcohol, glass, illicit drugs, weapons, or fireworks.
  • No amplified music or independent sound-systems are allowed.
  • Vendors must supply, set-up, and remove their own shelters, tables, garbage, displays, decoration, and goods.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you clean up your site completely and remove ALL stakes, rebar, and rope as these can cause serious injury to people, and equipment and the environment if left.
  • Vendors will forfeit their deposit if they have left rebar or stakes in the ground after the event, or didn’t mark exposed stakes or tripping hazards during the event. Vendors may also be found liable for any claims against the festival arising from vendor negligence.
  • Any vendor who leaves a mess or causes damage beyond normal wear-and-tear to the land, nature or structures will be held liable for the costs to repair the damages.
  • Be sure to stake and tie down your shelter securely, cover any sharp protruding objects with plastic/foam and duct-tape, and mark tripping hazards with fluorescent tape or paint. Cover any exposed rebar with plastic bottles.
  • FozzyFest reserves the right to adjust the intensity of light emitted from vendor stands if the light takes away from the décor or overall feel of the event.
  • Food vendors must have a permit to operate in British Columbia and send their permit to us along with this agreement. Information on registering with the IHO for a temporary permit can be found here:
  • Massage therapists must be registered.


  • Merchandise & services vendors will be provided with one 15 amp, 120volt circuit, with one regular “household-style” 3-prong outlet for a charge of $100 (non-food vendors) or any style of receptacle up to 50 A for $250 (food vendors), for the duration of the festival.
  • Vendors are responsible for their own electrical extension cords and power bars. Up to 200 feet of quality extension cord may be required to run from the distribution panel to your booth (thicker is better- at least 12 gauge for 100’ or less, or 10 gauge minimum for over 100’ lengths. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the cord, and the more capable it is to carry the electricity).
  • Power will be available for food vendors 24hrs/day. Power will be shut down Sunday at 2pm.
  • There may be occasional power-outages. If the power goes out, try to re-set the breaker to your outlet on the distribution panel and make sure that none of your connections are in a puddle of water. If the breaker keeps tripping, you may have too many things plugged in. Do not touch the generator. If the generator has stopped working, contact the electrical crew through Bear Necessities.  
  • Personal generators are not permitted during the festival hours unless they are “silent-running” and “clean-running”. All personal generators are subject to approval by the vendor manager.


  • Vendors are to supply their own bins and garbage bags.
  • All waste including plates, cups and utensils must be compostable.
  • All garbage must be disposed of daily at identified locations. 
  • All vendor areas should be kept clean and free of odors at all times.

Water supply:

  • Included in your rent fee.


  • FozzyFest reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time.
  • Cancellation by participant will be accepted in writing no later than August 1st with a full refund.
  • Cancellations by participants later than August 1st will only receive 50% of their payments.
  • Cancellations by participants on or after August 31st forfeit all payments.

Booth Placement:

  • Vendors will set-up in designated stalls in FozzyMarket, however, power will be available only in a limited area.
  • Vendors may park and camp near their shops, space-permitting.
  • Each vendor may have a maximum frontage of 10’ facing the pedestrian traffic and must allow for other vendors to occupy space directly next to their space (vehicles, RVs and camp-tents must not encroach upon prime shop-frontage space)
  • FozzyFest reserves the right to designate or move the location of the vendor booths at any time.
  • Vendor will be responsible for their own equipment, booth and set up. If you require pop-up tents/tables, we can assist you with obtaining rental items.
  • All rentals provided by the FFOC must be paid for in full prior to pick up at the rental provider.
  • A damage deposit will be payable to the FFOC, assessed at the time of acceptance to FozzyMarket, and will be refunded if/when the items are returned in like condition.
  • Vendor will be responsible for the transport of all items required for their booth, including rental items supplied by the FFOC.

Waiver of Liability:

Vendor and all of its owners, subcontractors, employees, and volunteers hereby agree that FozzyFest Inc. and any of its subcontractors, employees, and volunteers will not be held liable for any problems, damages, losses, accidents, deaths, or injuries that the vendor or its subcontractors, employees, or volunteers may incur even through the negligence of the said parties.


By submitting this application I hereby declare that I am the authorized signatory for the vendor/shop listed below, and I have read, understand and accept all the above terms, fees, and requirements of vending at FozzyFest Inc. I will explain the requirements and conditions to every person/employee involved with the vendor/shop and will get each person’s acceptance of the terms and requirements before they arrive on site.

Application Deadline: July 15, 2017

Questions? Talk to us: