Media Applications

Media Team applications CLOSED!

*Applications were open from April 7 – June 30.  The media coordinator will be in touch with you shortly after this date to let you know if you’ve been accepted or not.

FozzyFest takes pride in supporting our local community with their talents.  This year we will be accepting a limited number of professionals, while putting more emphasis on providing opportunities for amateurs, or those who are just entering their media career.   

If you’re not accepted this year, it’s most likely due to not having enough positions available as our primary focus is on quality not necessarily quantity.  Please don’t be discouraged!  Apply again next year.

We’re looking for inspired:

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Additional creative media outlets

Why join the Fozzy media crew?

  • The media crew is the critical creative force for year-round promotion.  You are respected and recognized as such
  • An opportunity to contribute to an amazing volunteer and love-based festival
  • A chance to let your creative juices flow
  • We will use your pics/vids as promotional material for social media, articles, website, etc.
  • Free ticket to the 3-day festival
  • Fozzy Swag
  • Vehicle pass

Here’s what you need to know:

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  AT LEAST 400 photos with a variety of content is required.  Content will be clarified by the media coordinator.  All photos must be uploaded directly to our Flickr page (username/password will be provided to you by the media coordinator) within two months of the festival end date or your full deposit will not be returned.  It is preferred that you create an “album” on our Flickr page, with the title including your photography name plus “FozzyFest 2017”.  Please include the FozzyFest logo and your logo on each photograph.

VIDEOGRAPHERS:  We require a full-cut (minimum 3 minutes) plus a 15 second teaser (for our Instagram page).  Content and music may be specified by the media coordinator.  All video footage must be sent to the media coordinator within two months of the festival end date or your full deposit will not be returned.

OTHER MEDIA:  Guidelines will be determined and discussed with you after acceptance.

*New members of the media team are required to pay a $200 deposit plus a $25.00 non-refundable administration fee.  If you have worked with us before and have had a good relationship, the deposit may be waived, but you will still be required to pay the administration fee.  Once we receive your full festival content, you will receive your full deposit back.  If you only provide partial material, you risk not having your full deposit returned to you.  

*We want you to get creative; however, the media coordinator may designate certain areas, scenes, people, etc. to each photographer/videographer so we have balanced content. Please cooperate.

Questions? Talk to us: